About Rapid City

Community Overview

Known as the Star of the West and the City of Presidents, Rapid City is a thriving community of nearly 70,000 in the heart of the Black Hills. It is a land of wonderment, pristine ponderosa forests, rippling streams, iconic monuments and a rich western history, a place that still greets new residents, businesses and millions of annual visitors with a welcoming smile and a helping hand. Thanks to its diversity, Rapid City's economy remains strong despite downturns in many metropolitan areas of the United States. Our skilled and growing medical community serves the entire multi-state region. Our burgeoning retail sector draws shoppers from four surrounding states. Our call centers serve customers nationwide. Nearby Ellsworth Air Force Base remains a strong and stable force in the nation's defense.

The region offers unparalleled amenities that have attracted new businesses and residents. In order to preserve Rapid City’s quality of life, while continuing to attract new businesses and investments to the community, the City must plan for its future. The Comprehensive Plan is the framework for ensuring orderly and efficient growth of the community.

Growth Trends

The City of Rapid City has an estimated steady 1 to 2 percent annual growth over the past 30 years. Although considered “manageable,” Rapid City has recently experienced a significant increase both within the corporate limits and outlying areas, providing a challenge regarding provision of infrastructure. From 2009 to 2011, the City has seen the addition of over 163 single-family dwelling units and over 73 multi-family units. The majority of this growth has occurred in the north and southwest quadrant of Rapid City.

Existing retail and commercial development is primarily located along Interstate 90. However, as the population continues to expand, other properties are quickly developing along Catron Boulevard (US Highway 16B), providing new residential and commercial development opportunities and challenges. Additional growth is likely to occur in this area with the addition of a new WalMart Superstore just off Catron Boulevard.